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Why this blog ?


For the different nations and communities of the world to live together in peace and co-operation and with affection and goodwill, or, in a word, in a state of peaceful co-existence, it is imperative not only that they obtained an adequate understanding of each other’s temperamental characteristics, ideology and traditions, cultural heritage and the great things they have done in the past, and, so forth, but also learnt to appreciate them and to hold them as precious and worthy of encouragement and preservation.

It is hoped that this blog, will be read with interest among the educated circles of the various communities that go to make our people and prove of some value in reducing the ignorance and the attitude of indifference which exist in the sister-communities towards the Muslims. It may, further, be helpful in promoting the growth of a broad, realistic, national perspective the country so badly needs today.

It will also, perhaps, not be too much to expect that; apart from non-Muslim friends, many educated Muslims, too, will find in these pages something which will be new to them and add to their knowledge about themselves and go some way, however little, towards ridding them of the inferiority complex they have developed lately, but for which there is no justification.